*NEW* Lessons at Honicombe Manor

We are now able to offer swimming lessons for children aged 3 years plus on Monday evenings at Honicombe Manor, St Ann’s Chapel, Gunnislake.

Swimming lessons at Honicombe Manor take place on Monday afternoon’s during term-time (excluding Bank Holidays).

The current term’s lessons have just concluded.

The next term’s lessons will take place on;

  • 29 April
  • 13 May 
  • 20 May 

Please note that we do not run during school holidays or on bank holidays. Due to two bank holiday’s in the coming weeks, on Easter Monday (22 April) and early May bank holiday (6 May), this term will only be three weeks long.

Those pupils who are already enrolled in lessons will be allocated a place in the next term. Payment information will be sent by email. Please email Emma if you have not received the link for payment. Payment confirms your place. 

These lessons have replaced the lessons that were running previously at Honicombe Manor with Leonie. New classes and groups have been created. We do not currently have any spaces in the lessons, but if you would like to join the waiting list, please complete the booking form by following the ‘book now’ link at the top, or ‘booking form’ link at the bottom of this page.


The list below shows the scheduled lessons for Honicombe Manor and the number of spaces currently available.

4.00pm: Stage 1


5.00pm: Stage 2/3


4.00pm: Stage 2


5.00pm: Stage 4/5


4.30pm: Stage 1


5.30pm: Stage 3/4


4.30pm: Stage 3/4


5.30pm: Stage 4/5


*Spaces currently available. Places allocated in classes on a first come,first served basis. Availability showing on website does not guarantee a place.
Before booking, please read our Terms and Conditions. You may also want to take a look at our FAQ’s section on the home page.
Please read the descriptions below which are based on Swim England’s Learn to Swim framework to determine which class to book your child into. If you are unsure, please email Emma – emma@swim4.co.uk to discuss further.
Stage 1
This class is suitable for children who have not had lessons previously or who are nervous in the water. Please add as much detail as possible on your booking form regarding your child’s confidence in the water.
Stage 2
At Stage 2 (of Swim England’s Learn to Swim Framework) children will be able to splash water on their face, push and glide on their front, regain a standing position in the pool and travel in the water. These can be completed with buoyancy aids.
Stage 3
When working towards Stage 3, swimmers will already be able to jump into the water safely, perform a tuck float and return to a floating position, travel on the front and back for a distance of at least 5m without buoyancy aids.
Stage 4
To join the stage 4 class, swimmers should be able to confidently jump into the pool unaided, complete a push and glide on the front and back, travel unaided on the front for at least 5m, pick up an object from the bottom of the pool and perform a tuck float for three seconds.
Stage 5
The Stage 5 class is suitable for children who are able to kick 10m front crawl, backstroke, butterfly and breaststroke, swim 10m of a choice stroke and demonstrate sculling for at least 5m.
Stage 6
Stage 6 is suitable for swimmers who can swim all four strokes (front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly) for a minimum of 10m, tread water, scull and perform a forward somersault.
Stage 7
If your child can swim approximately 15m+ of all four strokes then stage 7 is the class for them.
Stage 8+
Stage 8 focuses on additional skills for competitive swimming or water-based sports such as synchronised swimming, diving and water polo. If your child has completed the previous 7 stages and/or can swim at least 25m of all four strokes with good technique, then this may be the class for them. Please enquire about availability for these classes.

Want to book into lessons?

Please complete the booking form to add your details to our waiting list or provisionally reserve a place for your child/ren (subject to availability). You can use one booking form to register two children. If you have more than two children you would like to book in for lessons, please email Emma on emma@swim4.co.uk.