Make money from your pool


If you own a swimming pool, inviting a swim school to hire the pool at your quieter times can be a great way to generate income to contribute towards the ongoing running costs.

As our brand and reputation for high quality teaching in small classes grows, we are always looking for additional pools to run our lessons from. We’ve run classes from leisure centres, health clubs, hotels, holiday parks, hydrotherapy pools and school pools previously, all of which have been suitable for a number of lessons.

We’re looking for pools which are;

  • available at least once a week during term-time for at least two hours
  • safe, and well maintained
  • warm – with an ideal temperature range of 28-32 degrees (and up to 34 degrees for adult & baby/toddler lessons)
  • easy to access
  • have showers and changing facilities adjacent
  • pools may be on holiday sites such as holiday cottages, farm holidays, camping, caravanning, touring parks, health clubs, leisure centres, hotels, schools, community centres…

The size of the pool will dictate what classes we can run from it, but a pool measuring just 3m x 4m could still be useful for young ones taking their first lessons.

We can undertake risk assessments and pool-specific health and safety evaluations to add to your NOP and EAP procedures, hold all relevant insurances for pool hire and running lessons, and only use qualified swimming instructors.

So if you have a pool, anywhere in the UK, which you’d like to earn some money from, please contact Emma by email or on 07900 228 688.